Households spend more on mobile than landlines

While the dominance of residential landline telephony services has been on the decline for some time, U.S. households have never spent more on their mobile phone services than on landline ones until this year, according to industry and government officials. Back in 2001, U.S. households spent three times as much on landline phone services than they did on mobile phone services, but last year the popularity of mobile services bridged that gap significantly. Households spent $524 on mobile phone services in 2006, while they spent about $542 during the course of the year on landline phone services. While the metrics for 2007 have yet to be compiled, analysts and government officials are confident that spending on mobile services has outstripped spending on landline telephony this past year.

"Frankly, I'd be shocked if (households) don't spend more on cell phones at this point," said Andrew Arthur, vice president of market solutions at Mediamark Research & Intelligence.

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