How Arris, Huawei and others stack up in the cable, mobile and OTT video marketplace

The cable industry is rapidly becoming an extremely complex and competitive world where new technologies such as high dynamic range (HDR) and 4K are coming to market and OTT providers increasingly target viewers on tablets, smartphones and other platforms. And uncertainty regarding potential regulation looms as the FCC tries to address a market that has expanded far beyond traditional video providers and networks.

AT&T expanded its position in the space last year with the acquisition of DirecTV, and the carrier hopes to leverage that pick-up later this year with the launch of a three-tiered service, including a channel dedicated to mobile viewing. Verizon, too, is hoping to compete with Go90, an OTT offering. The dynamic landscape creates big challenges and huge opportunities for video providers as well as technology developers and broadband equipment vendors. In a special report from FierceCable teams with market research firm IHS to examine how vendors are competing in four key pay-TV sectors. Special Report