How Big 4 rank at LA Convention Center: Tutela

Los Angeles

Just in time for the industry’s arrival for Mobile World Congress Los Angeles (MWC LA), mobile network monitoring company Tutela examined metrics in the Los Angeles market, including at the Los Angeles Convention Center, to provide a picture of what’s going on where the industry is convening this week.

In partnership with FierceWireless, the company is releasing data that shows that when it comes to the best network, the same trend plays out in LA as the firm saw nationwide in its recent State of Networks report—Verizon is on top for Excellent Consistent Quality and download throughput, while AT&T takes first place for Core Consistent Quality (by a whisker).

However, it’s good (at least for MWC LA attendees) to see that all operators performed better in LA alone than they did nationwide. 

While Verizon has a commanding lead over other networks both indoors and outdoors, there’s more differentiation between the other networks indoors compared to outdoors.


When looking at measurements taken outdoors, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile users all have an Excellent Consistent Quality within 3% of each other.

Tutela LA 2

Indoors, however, there’s a gap of 8% between users on those networks. 

Verizon has low-band 700 MHz spectrum (which performs better in buildings) deployed nationwide, while Tutela’s most recent look at T-Mobile’s low-band 600 MHz deployment showed little progress in California. This may be a possible reason for Verizon’s good performance across the board, but particularly for indoor network quality, according to Chris Mills, head of industry analysis at Tutela.  

It’s also particularly encouraging to see that, regardless of whether a user is indoors or outdoors, Core Consistent Quality stays above 90% regardless of operator—meaning that, when a user has a signal, they should be able to share images over social media, or stream SD video at least 90% of the time, he said. 

Inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, Tutela sees very high consistent quality across the board, with 95% of tests from Verizon subscribers exceeding the Excellent Consistent Quality thresholds, and a median download throughput of 37 Mbps.

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