How mobile app developers are making money on Bitcoin

Bitcoins have managed to generate a significant amount of headlines as those in the digital industry watch the wild fluctuations in the digital currency. But some in the mobile app market continue to believe there is opportunity in Bitcoins, including building apps to take advantage of the currency as well as taking payments through Bitcoins. When Bitcoin surges, "app downloads surge as well. They have risen by factor of 15 during the last three weeks," said Andreas Schildbach is the Berlin-based creator of Bitcoin Wallet, an Android app that allows users to send payments simply by scanning a QR-code or by touching two phones together via Near Field Communication (NFC). "If the value would be more stable, it would be used more for payment so the app would be used even more. Anyhow, over time Bitcoin will stabilize. It's technically superior to any other currency." Special Report

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