How to build the ultimate user profile via mobile app analytics

It might be possible to figure out how consumers respond to and think about mobile applications on an individual level, but it's traditionally been much harder for developers to get a holistic look at what users think about their app if they have an audience of hundreds or thousands. That's part of the reason why those in the mobile apps analytics space are creating new functionality in their tools to build more comprehensive profiles that will include a user's age, gender, location and even the way they feel about a particular app.

San Francisco-based App Annie recently launched Audience Intelligence, which it describes as a sort of companion to its Store Intelligence offering that gleans data from app stores. Meanwhile, Upsight, a mobile analytics firm that grew out of last year's merger between Kontagent and Playhaven, is extending the idea of studying app user behavior by looking at other things they do. The company recently updated DataMine, its mobile intelligence platform, to begin combing user data from online, mobile, social and real-world channels. For more on these trends, check out this FierceDeveloper special report.

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