HP promises to do better next time in smartphones; Apple registers iWatch trademark

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@FierceWireless: RT@engadgetmobile: Apple 'in negotiations' to launch new iPhone with LTE-Advanced in South Korea. Article | [email protected]

> H2O Wireless announced it upgraded its $50 per month plan with new international features. Release

> Altair Semiconductor raised $25 million in a new financing round. Release

> Apple has registered the iWatch trademark in Japan. Article

> InterDigital lost a first round against Huawei and others in a court case. Article

> Ericsson plans to purchase Red Bee, a UK media services company. Article

> Hewlett-Packard promises to do better in the smartphone market its next time around. Article

> Apple's latest TV ads aren't catching fire with consumers. Article

Mobile Content News

> The number of large enterprises launching their own mobile app stores is on pace to grow at double-digit rates through 2018, according to a new ABI Research forecast. Article

> Flipboard is now supporting Facebook-owned Instagram's new video sharing features inside its social magazine applications for Apple's iOS and Google's Android, confirming the change to The Next Web. Article

> Facebook said it is working to patch its Android social networking application to halt the unauthorized collection of user phone numbers. Article

Broadband Wireless News

> Included among Google's many wireless broadband initiatives are efforts to enable free, public Wi-Fi near its major offices and data centers, and the company is continuing its shotgun efforts with a series of here-and-there initiatives. Article

> Google's TV white space (TVWS) database system won approval for operation from the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology. Article

European Wireless News

> Two major telecoms acquisitions announced in Europe this past week will be closely watched by industry executives, in part to see how European Union regulators deal with them. Article

> As of today, new European Union roaming regulations will cut the fees operators can charge for data roaming  by 36 per cent across the EU, bringing the charges down by up to 91 per cent compared to their 2007 levels. Article

And finally… Kate Moss will make mobile phone accessories. Article