HTC to unveil latest smartphone April 12

HTC said it will unveil its latest smartphone April 12, but the company isn't saying much more.

The struggling Taiwanese handset vendor appears to be planning to introduce the upcoming flagship device during an online event. It offered no other details, but the phone is believed to be called the HTC 10 and is expected to be a new iteration of its One line, with a similar design and upgraded specs.

HTC emerged several years ago as a major smartphone manufacturer, but the company has struggled as growth of the global market has slowed. And like some competitors, HTC has been particularly hard hit in China, a once-booming market that has become ultra-competitive where penetration rates have begun to flatten.

In September, HTC was dropped from the main stock index in its home market of Taiwan, and it cut jobs last August after posting a disappointing second quarter. The company had hoped to receive a boost from the release of two new models in the second half of last year, but it didn't rank among IDC's top five smartphone vendors worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The HTC 10 is expected to sport a 5.15-inch display and, like some other top-of-the-line phones, a Snapdragon 820 processor. The company may have a window opportunity in announcing its flagship between the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple's next high-end phone, but it will likely struggle to compete in that range given the lackluster state of the worldwide market.

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