HTC unveils phones

HTC followed up its launch of the popular Excalibur handset (T-Mobile Dash) last year with three new handsets at 3GSM this week: The HTC Advantage (€1000 and pictured on the right), the HTC S710 (€400) and the HTC P3350(€500). All three phones run on an edition of Windows Mobile OS. The Advantage is the first phone to support HTC's VueFLO detachable keyboard, is HSDPA-ready, runs on Windows Mobile 6 and will retail through T-Mobile as the "Ameo." Orange will launch the HTC S710, which runs on Windows Mobile 5, during the first half of 2007. The P3350 is also a Windows Mobile 5 phone, but aimed at the mobile music crowd. Further details about the P3350's distribution and network capabilities have yet to be released.

For more on the HTC's three phones:
- see this press release with photos