Huawei may come to the U.S.

Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies is making significant traction internationally. International sales increased by 110 percent to nearly $5 billion in 2005, according to the vendor. Huawei has been winning contracts in both GSM and CDMA, and analyst firm UBS says Huawei may win a contract in the U.S. According to the firm, Huawei could be on the short list of vendors being considered by T-Mobile for its 3G HSDPA roll out in the second half of 2006. T-Mobile is expected to bid for spectrum in the AWS auction later this year.

UBS indicates that the compact design of Huawei's distributed base station could be a key factor in winning a contract with T-Mobile. The separation of the radio and baseband processing into two units by Huawei may allow T-Mobile to maximize use of existing GSM towers and cabinets in rolling out HSDPA, thus significantly reducing T-Mobile's build-out costs.

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