Huawei revenue jumps 40% in first half of 2016; Nintendo stock plunges after Pokémon Go letdown

More wireless news from across the web:

> Huawei saw a 40 percent jump in revenue in the first half of 2016. Wall Street Journal article

> After Nintendo clarified that the financial impact of Pokémon Go would be "limited," shares in the company plunged 18 percent, its biggest drop since 1990. Bloomberg article

Telecom News

> CenturyLink is aiming to reduce power consumption of its public switched telephone network by 22,000 megawatt-hours a year, the company said. Article

Wireless Tech News

> Facebook took a big step toward its goal of providing internet to the unconnected with the first successful full-scale test flight of its Aquila drone. Article

European Wireless News

> Ericsson initiated a search for a new CEO following the Monday announcement that Hans Vestberg has stepped down. Article

Cable News

> Wurl today launched the Wurl Network, an IP-based streaming cable TV network featuring four new channels that will show up on operators' set-top boxes. Article

And finally… Cyanogen reportedly plans to cut jobs in a "pivot to apps." Android Police article