Ice Cream Sandwich could be announced Oct. 19; Samsung to upgrade bada

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@FierceMobiCo: Samsung avoids Dutch smartphone ban by modifying software. Article¬†via FierceWirelessEurope | [email protected]

> Samsung's lawyers reported had difficulty telling an iPad from a Galaxy Tab. Article

> The U.S. Commerce Department declined to discuss why it is blocking Huawei from participation in building a public-safety wireless network. Article

> Samsung and Google rescheduled the expected launch of the Nexus Prime with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android to Oct. 19. Article

> Samsung is working on the next version of its bada operating system. Article

> Microsoft closed its acquisition of Skype. Post

> Apple's launch of iCloud experienced some hiccups. Article

> The FCC is asking for more data on jobs related to the AT&T proposed acquisition of T-Mobile. Article (sub. req.)

> New legislation introduced in the Senate would require wireless carriers to define 4G. Article

Mobile Content News

> Google is reportedly planning to roll out a music retail platform to rival established efforts from Apple and Article

> Citibank is arguing against Isis. Article

> Mobile web solutions developer Skyfire is rolling out version 4.0 of its eponymous browser for Apple's iOS platform. Article

And finally... Apple's Siri is quite the comedian. Post

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