Introducing the 2009 Top Women in Wireless

I'm pleased to publish the 2009 FierceWireless Top Women in Wireless list. This is the second annual edition of this popular feature in which Fierce editors track the female stars in the wireless industry.

In the traditionally male-dominated world of telecom, it's not always easy to find women in top-ranking positions. But thanks to input from our readers, Fierce editors have compiled a list that we believe encompasses some of the best and brightest female executives in the business.

These women have been selected for their accomplishments, their technical savvy, their leadership--and perhaps most importantly, their influence on the industry. These are the women that you often see speaking at industry events, working on various committees or negotiating tough deals.

From entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into successful ventures to savvy executives who are climbing the corporate ladder in traditionally male-dominated firms, these are the women that the industry should keep an eye on in 2009 and beyond. Click here to check it out. --Sue

P.S. As always we welcome your feedback. Please send me your comments or note them in the comment section below.

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