IoT-focused MVNO Data2Go partners with Stream Technologies, Charge Mobile Data launches service

Data2Go Wireless said it will team with London's Stream Technologies UK to better manage its IoT-focused MVNO business.

Data2Go operates "a data-centric MVNO" that provides M2M data services to business customers across North America, "aggregating all U.S.-based mobile network operators under a single platform." The company said it will integrate its own Apogee Management Platform with Stream's IoT-X platform, which is designed for IoT and M2M use.

"Stream's strong European position will also enable Data2Go to focus on expanding its network services outside of the United States," Data2Go CEO Andrew Silber said in a prepared statement, "thereby further enhancing our carrier-agnostic network approach."

Data2Go Wireless was founded in 2014 and offers IoT-focused plans starting with a no-contract, pay-as-you-go offering at $10 a month including an initial 10 MB of data with the purchase of a $300 router. The company's most expensive offering is $30 a month including 1 GB of data on a three-year contract.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based MVNO Charge Mobile Data launched a data-only service on Sprint's LTE network. Users pay $15 for 1 GB or $13 per GB when they buy 3 GB or more on the pay-as-you-go offering, which is available on any device on Sprint's LTE network.

The service provider offers a free SIM card but doesn't support voice calls or SMS messaging. Customers can use the data for VoIP calls, video calls, online messaging or other IP-based services.

"You can sign up today with any existing Sprint LTE-capable device, as well as most modern Apple and Google Nexus devices regardless of carrier," the company announced in a blog post. "We'll be working on adding support for GSM devices in the near future."

Charge Mobile Data and Data2Go Wireless are part of a growing host of smaller U.S. MVNOs that are branching out into different segments of the wireless market. While MVNOs have historically targeted the prepaid, voice-only space, a growing number are expanding into other, data-focused areas.

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