iPad hits WiFi snag

Apple's latest product appears to be having trouble with wireless. No, not cellular wireless; instead, Apple has acknowledged some iPad users' problems connecting to WiFi networks, and has issued a few general troubleshooting guidelines to address the situation.

Apple iPad table went on sale Saturday to much media hoopla (and 300,000 unit sales) and almost immediately some users began to complain of difficulties in connecting their shiny new gadget to the Internet via WiFi. Indeed, the issue apparently was significant enough for Current Analysis' Peter Jarich to tweet about it.

The iPad WiFi unrest elicited a handful of statements from Apple via its Internet support forum. The company suggests, among other things, that iPad owners create separate networks for each WiFi band (a, b and g) and ensure their WiFi networks all use the same security protocol. It's unclear whether the suggestions have addressed the situation.

The dust-up comes just ahead of the planned release of 3G-capable iPads, to be available later this month, which could add further challenges with the inclusion of cellular to the wireless mix. AT&T is providing wireless data service for Apple's iPad on a prepaid basis, with 250 MB of monthly access going for $14.99 and unlimited access for $29.99 per month.

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