iPhone 3G aftermath: Apple sells 1 million devices in 3 days

Glitches with Apple's iTunes activation server may have caused delays but it didn't stop Apple from selling 1 million 3G iPhones in its first three days of availability. This compares to the launch of the original iPhone, which took 74 days to sell 1 million devices. Of course, one major difference between the first-generation iPhone and the iPhone 3G is that the iPhone 3G was available in 21 countries on July 11. 


As FierceWireless reported on Friday, the Apple iTunes server apparently couldn't handle the demand from new users signing up for service and shut down. As a result, AT&T stores were telling iPhone buyers to go home and sync with iTunes later in the day.  

The activation process for the iPhone 3G was a stark contrast from the first generation iPhone which used Synchronoss Technologies to activate the devices. Apple and AT&T decided to bring this function in-house, cutting Synchronoss out of the process for the iPhone 3G. 

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