iPhone: 525K sold, activation issues and more

The iPhone launch went off on Friday with only a few minor glitches: Point of sale terminals went down temporarily, some iPhones wouldn't activate when users got them home and, of course, most people had to wait in line for a few hours. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, about 2 percent of iPhones had activation issues.

Various analyst reports have estimated the number of Apple iPhones sold over the weekend at 500,000 (Piper Jaffray) or 525,000 (Global Equities Research), and about half of those phones went to existing AT&T subscribers. If the figures check out, this could be a big quarter for AT&T as far as subscriber adds are concerned.

Of course, FierceWireless had its own expedition to get hands-on with an iPhone, thanks to a member of our team willing to shell out the money to buy one. Our journey for an iPhone included getting kicked out of an Apple store located inside a mall in the suburbs of DC, hours waiting in line downtown, minutes waiting inside the store as the point of sale system failed and a finally triumphant activation process at home. You can read the play-by-play with photos here and enjoy an overly enthusiastic "unboxing" of the iPhone at sister publication DailyTechRag, which is full of photos, too.

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