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The sixth-generation WiFi-enabled iPod?

That's what the iPhone is if a user takes out its SIM card or swaps it for an inactive one. Of course, the $500 to $600 device is a very pricey WiFi-enabled iPod, but apparently to strip the … Read more...


Rumor: iPhone upgrades imminent

While Apple's new iPhone is earning largely positive consumer buzz, AppleInsider reports a host of upgrades are already in the pipeline, timed to coincide with the October release of the … Read more...


From activation to frustration

After waiting in line hours or even days to score Apple's much-touted iPhone on Friday, a number of consumers spent at least part of the weekend waiting on hold with Apple's exclusive network partner AT&T, jamming customer service lines in their attempts to sort out the activation issues that plagued untold numbers of devices. While AT&T attributed the problems to overloaded servers and subscriber portability issues, the activation angst served to again call into question whether the operator's network is sufficiently robust and reliable to handle the extraordinary demands that the iPhone brings with it. In the hours leading up to the iPhone's release, critics were absolutely killing AT&T's EDGE service, comparing its speeds to dial-up. Read more...


First iPhone bug discovered

Thanks to months of iPhone hype and the vindication of huge sales, by anyone's estimate, Apple is certainly riding high this week. Leave it to the hackers, however, to try to cut the company … Read more...


iPhone part of spectrum debate?

Former FCC chairman Reed Hundt is using the iPhone to strengthen his argument that the United States needs a ubiquitous high speed network that should not belong to any one carrier. Of course, … Read more...


AT&T and VZW boost EDGE network speeds

RCR confirms that AT&T did indeed increase EDGE network speeds in prepping for the launch of the iPhone. AT&T said it spent $50 million on the upgrade, which moved the "good … Read more...


iPhone: 525K sold, activation issues and more

The iPhone launch went off on Friday with only a few minor glitches: Point of sale terminals went down temporarily, some iPhones wouldn't activate when users got them home and, of course, most people had to wait in line for a few hours. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, about 2 percent of iPhones had activation issues.



Resellers absent from iPhone equation?

I've been writing and reporting on the wireless industry for nearly 15 years. During that time, I've weathered lots of hyped handset launches--the Motorola ROKR and the Nokia N-Gage--to name a few. But nothing even remotely compares to the buzz the iPhone has generated over the past six months.

iPhone battery life questioned

Apple's announcement that its forthcoming iPhone will arrive at retail June 29 with a talk time of eight hours was met with skepticism from experts. The iPhone reportedly features a 14 Read more...


iPhone pricing plans emphasize unlimited data

With the June 29 iPhone launch now just days away, AT&T and Apple announced three service plans for the device, all of which include unlimited data, 200 SMS text messages and Video Voicemail, Read more...


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