J.D. Power: Customer satisfaction rising

J.D. Power and Associates said overall customer satisfaction with wireless operators increased 3 percent from 2005. The firm saw particular improvements in the areas where the industry has been aggressively marketing new services and offering more attractive pricing options. For instance, the service plan options and cost of service factors received the largest increase in satisfaction ratings from 2005.

J.D. Power said T-Mobile ranks highest in all six regions of the U.S. (including five ties), performing particularly well in service plan options, cost of service and billing--and it doesn't even have 3G. Verizon Wireless ranks highest in ties in five regions: Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, North Central and West. Verizon Wireless' main strengths are in the areas of call quality and brand image dimensions. U.S. Cellular ranks highest in a tie with Verizon and T-Mobile in the North Central region. J.D. Powers correctly says that "consumer expectations will continue to rise as cell phone users increasingly rely on the communication functions of their cell phones beyond voice calling."

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