JAJAH threatens telecom landscape

JAJAH, a Luxembourg-based VoIP service provider, is threatening to change the telecom landscape, even Skype's business. JAJAH, with backing from Sequoia Capital, is introducing a VoIP system that doesn't require the user to download any software like Skype or any hardware like Vonage. Users need only have a telephone number, either wireline or mobile, and they type in their phone number and the phone number they want to call on JAJAH's Web site. They then press a big green call button and JAJAH will then call the two numbers and route the connection over the Internet. The company charges rates between $0.017 and $0.019 per minute. JAJAH executives said they will introduce a software download in the near future that will enable users of mobile phones to initiate calls. I suppose users have to weigh ease of use versus cost. It's not as simple as just picking up the phone to make a call.

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