Justin Bieber app croons against Rhino Musical Aptitude Test

Warner Music Group-owned Rhino Records--a label long synonymous with thoughtful, authoritative reissues of classic albums, cult favorites and off-the-wall obscurities alike--recently introduced Rhino's Musical Aptitude Test app for iOS, which offers music nerds a genre-spanning, era-hopping collection of multiple-choice trivia questions. Contrast that, music lovers, with the Justin Bieber Music Lyrics app, which gives users an in-depth look at the ubiquitous pop star's lyrical aptitude, though without the benefit of Bieber's vocals. Which app do you think will make you swoon with delight, and which will sound like nails on a chalkboard? The apps are the latest to be highlighted by FierceMobileContent's new feature, Appealing/Appalling, a weekly spotlight on the best and the worst that mobile developers have to offer. Special feature