Kansas city studies sweeping cell-phone ban

The city of Lawrence, KS, is considering a ban on cell phones that would restrict any use of phones in an automobile, including the use of hands-free kits. The proposed ban, if enacted, would become the strictest cell-phone ban in the country. Lawmakers are considering research that claims hands-free devices are no safer for drivers than hand-held ones. Indeed, there is a growing list of literature that finds it is the conversations on cell phones, rather than the physical manipulations of handling a cell phone, that are most distracting to drivers. Of course, all of these bans aren't good news for operators since their customers use the bulk of airtime while driving. Such a ban won't be easy to enforce since you can't really tell whether someone is using hands free in the car. They could just be talking to themselves.

To read more about Lawrence's proposed cell-phone ban:
- check out this article from the Lawrence Journal-World

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