Kogan Android phone launch postponed indefinitely; Intel profit drops 90%

> The Australian electronics retailer Kogan, which had planned to launch a phone based on Google's Android platform by the end of January, has decided to postpone the launch indefinitely due to "interoperability" issues. Article

> Intel's fourth quarter profit dropped more than 90 percent, in line with Wall Street expectations, and the chipmaker said sales were down 23 percent. Article

> Broadcom got a victory in a patent case, when it announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has affirmed an earlier ITC ruling that SiRF Technology is infringing on three GPS-related patents held by Global Locate, a subsidiary of Broadcom. Article

> Nokia released an advertising campaign for its new N79 Active phone, which comes with a heart-rate monitor, featuring a runner jumping up walls and between buildings. Video

And finally... A 10-year-old Indiana boy had his tongue stuck to a frozen metal light pole in a scene straight out of the movie, "A Christmas Story." The boy was able to separate his tongue from the pole before an ambulance arrived. Article