KRZR sales out pacing RAZR's launch

Ron Garriques, who heads up Motorola's handset business said the KRZR is on track to sell more handset orders in its first 120 days than its wildly popular predecessor the RAZR did during its honeymoon period. The RAZR moved 1.25 million units in the four month period. The all-important asterisk on the prediction, however, is that the KRZR is available to more customers than the RAZR was--including CDMA configurations. The RAZR did not support CDMA until about a year after its launch. Of course, in the U.S., the market is more than half CDMA-based, so that's an important distinction. Back in the day, the RAZR retailed at $499 with the standard 2-year contract, while the KRZR is retailing for a mere $199 with the same 2-year contract. The times they are a changin'.

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