Kyocera to make an Android phone; G1 available today in San Fran

> Research In Motion announced a partnership with DeviceAnywhere as part of a new plan to help developers have an efficient system to test applications for RIM. Article

> Kyocera announced a partnership with the software company Wind River to develop Android software for a new product platform. Release

> T-Mobile USA is giving customers who want a first crack at the G1 a chance today; the phone is going on sale at a select location in San Fransisco at 6 p.m. Pacific time. Article

> Nokia said that it was not considering a BlackBerry Connect email client from RIM for its flagship E71 smartphone. Article

> Texas Instruments reported a 26 percent drop in third quarter profit because of slower chip sales. Article

> G1 phones landing early. Article

And finally...
A posh hotel in Malibu is offering a free iPod Touch to guests so that they can use application to order room service, request luggage or rent a limo. For those with an iPhone 3G already, they will just get the app. Article