Lawsuit alleges 'slow and unreliable' Clearwire service

Some Clearwire subscribers are seeking class-action status for a complaint against the provider that alleges the company's wireless, high-speed Internet and phone service is shoddy and unreliable. The lawsuit also claims Clearwire's advertising is misleading.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in King County, Washington, also alleges that Clearwire's early termination fees are unlawful. The customers are seeking recovery of any ETFs paid by Clearwire subscribers, as well as an injunction prohibiting Clearwire from enforcing the ETFs and from making "further false advertising." 

The complaint alleges that "when [Clearwire customers] seek to cancel their Clearwire service because they discover that, in fact, Clearwire service is slow and unreliable (or for any other reason), the consumers learn that their long-term contracts contain an Early Termination Fee provision pursuant to which Clearwire charges a fee of up to $220 for canceling." 

Clearwire spokeswoman Susan Johnston said that as a matter of company policy, Clearwire does not comment on pending legal matters. The complaint appears to originate from customers in Clearwire's pre-WiMAX markets, including Washington, Hawaii, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

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