Leap's Cricket adding ZTE, Alcatel phones; Samsung plans Jelly Bean Android upgrade

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@FierceWireless: RT@allthingsd: Nokia Directs Disgruntled iPhone Users Toward its Mobile Map Web Site -by @inafried. Article | [email protected]

> Leap Wireless' Cricket appears to be preparing to sell the ZTE Engage and Alcatel Authority. Article

> Apple is asking for another $707 million more in damages from Samsung. Article

> Intel is putting "Intel Inside" branding on some smartphones. Article

> Foxconn shut down a plant due to a worker fight. Article

> DragonWave said it concluded field tests of higher modulation modes of up to 2048 QAM on its Horizon packet microwave products. Release

> Alcatel-Lucent will pay $4.2 million to settle false payment claims. Article

> Huawei plans to expand its smartphone efforts with new Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, including phablets. Article

Mobile Content News

> American Express and Starbucks are the latest Fortune 500 companies to confirm support for Apple's Passbook, the new iOS 6 application that collects users' movie tickets, transit passes, retailer loyalty cards and related documentation. Article

> Apple is reportedly hiring Google staffers to improve its Maps app. Article

> Samsung Electronics is updating its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone to run Google's new Android 4.1 operating system, a.k.a. Jelly Bean, adding it will upgrade an additional 15 devices in the near future. Article

Broadband Wireless News

> Aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced that by the end of 2013 it will be installing advanced communications connectivity systems on its 747-8 and 777 jet airliners during production. Article

> Verizon Wireless' version of Apple's iPhone 5 is being sold GSM-unlocked, meaning it can easily be switched to the mobile network operated by the nation's second-largest mobile operator, AT&T Mobility, via the insertion of a compatible SIM card. Article

European Wireless News

> UK LTE services could be launched six months ahead of schedule if operators are successful in persuading the telecoms regulator Ofcom to revamp the spectrum auction rules. Article

> Vodafone indicated that a settlement is possible in its long-running quarrel with the Indian government over its tax bill in the country. Article

> Virgin Media is discarding plans to bid for UK LTE spectrum, and has turned its attention to building a nationwide Wi-Fi and small cell network that will be marketed to UK operators on a wholesale basis. Article

And finally… Charging a phone with sugar. Article

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