Lenovo aims to use Motorola deal as catalyst for mobile growth

China's Lenovo is the world's largest maker of PCs, but it is hoping to use mobile as a way to slingshot into further growth in the years ahead. A BusinessWeek profile of the company highlights how its $2.91 billion purchase of Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Motorola unit is a part of how the company is positioning itself not as a Chinese company, but as a global one poised for growth. "For Lenovo, the competition has shifted from HP and Acer and Dell to Samsung and Apple," William Grabe, a member of the company's board and a former IBM executive, told BusinessWeek. "Lenovo wants to be a hundred-billion-dollar company, and you're not going to get there just by improving PCs or even servers." Lenovo will likely move from being the world's No. 4 smartphone maker to No. 3 when its Motorola deal closes, and the company is aiming to shake things up in a market filled with entrenched players. Article

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