LetterMpress pushes app envelope on iPad software, business model

LetterMpress resurrects an antiquated art via today's most cutting-edge technology: The iPad application brings to digital life the craft of letterpress printing, a centuries-old process that creates direct text and image impressions from movable type blocks, wood engravings, photo-etched plates and other source materials. But you can't download LetterMpress from the App Store--at least not yet. Developer John Bonadies' business model is as intriguing as his software concept: He's turning to social funding platform Kickstarter to finance the project, offering sponsors a series of rewards (app downloads, t-shirts, art prints, etc.) in exchange for their monetary contributions. LetterMpress is the latest app to be highlighted in FierceMobileContent's new feature, Appealing/Appalling, a weekly spotlight on the best and the worst that mobile developers have to offer. Special feature