LG launches Symbian slider phone; Yahoo promises personalized mobile web

> LG quietly launched a new phone running Symbian's S60 OS, the KT770 slider phone. Article

> Yahoo announced that it would soon launch its Yahoo Mobile service, promising a more personalized mobile web experience. Article

> MySpace launched a new mobile website that will be better optimized for devices and its commitment to work with Nokia and Palm to make MySpace applications for the vendors. Article

> See the hands-on photo slidshow with the LG Arena. Photos

> See the show floor photo slideshow of the Toshiba TG01. Photos

> Social networking is now the most popular interest for those surfing the web on their phones, according to mobile software applications and infrastructure provider Openwave. Article

And finally... A man in Washington State who realized he was being robbed snuck out of his house and drove away in the van that the burglars were going to use to take away his belongings. The would-be thieves left the man's televisions and jewelery at his door. Article