LG Optimus 2X disappears from TracFone's Straight Talk; C Spire buys ClearTalk market

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@FierceWireless: Nokia Lumia 610 pours out its insides to the FCC, gets accepted. Article | [email protected]

> TracFone appears to have dropped plans to sell the LG Optimus 2X Android smartphone for its Straight Talk and Net 10 service. Article

> ClearTalk sold its northern Alabama market to C Spire Wireless because "it was not contiguous to our larger Jackson and Dyersburg TN footprint," according to a ClearTalk executive. Page

> Clearwire announced its new Clear Stick Atlas USB modem. Release

> Microsoft provided further details on its new, low-cost version of Windows Phone. The company said the platform won't support fast app switching or HD video playback--stipulations the company said were necessary for a smooth user experience. Article

> Credit Suisse reportedly  purchased Google's stake in Clearwire. Article (sub. req.)

> Nokia Siemens Networks said it stopped work last year on LightSquared's network. Article

> Nvidia said it will test Apple's claims that the processor for the new iPad is faster than Nvidia's Tegra 3. Article

> T-Mobile USA appears set to sell the Prism from Huawei. Article

> One investment banking firm predicts Research In Motion's financials will continue to disappoint. Article

> Nokia is reportedly preparing the "Prodigy" and "AC/DC" Windows Phones. Article

Mobile Content News

> The Justice Department is probing Apple and book publishers over apparent pricing fixing. Article

> iOS and Android are leveling the playing field for independent gaming developers. Editor's Corner

> Apple, Google and Amazon agreed to craft privacy policies for the mobile apps they sell. Article

> Apple raised its iOS cellular download limit from 20 MB to 50 MB. Article

Broadband Wireless News

> Ireland's largest telco, Eircom Group, is bundling Wi-Fi services with all of its data plans in what it describes as a strategic approach for optimizing network assets. Article

> Hutchison's Three UK revamped its mobile data tariffs to include a new unlimited data plan and another tiered plan that cuts off over-limit data users. Article

> Juniper Networks received positive results from testing of its new MobileNext Broadband Gateway, but analysts are still unsure of whether the product will make a significant dent in the marketplace. Article

European Wireless News

> BMW signed a five-year deal with Vodafone Germany that will allow all BMW drivers to access in-car services such as BMW Online. Article

> Visa Europe is increasing its presence in the mobile money market by acquiring a 15 per cent stake in the Mobile Money Network. Article

> The Spanish telecoms regulator, CMT, decided to postpone the European Union-recommended date to make cuts to mobile termination rates (MTR) by 12 months. Article

And finally... The AT&T Mobility iPhone 4S has magically become capable of 4G connections. Article