LightSquared CEO Ahuja defends company in open letter

LightSquared broadened its public relations offensive to include an open letter to Americans that will be published in major newspapers today. The letter, signed by CEO Sanjiv Ahuja, argues that LightSquared will help fulfill the need for more broadband competition. However, the letter also deflects blame for GPS interference issues to others.

"Despite the fact that the interference is caused by others' inappropriate use of LightSquared's licensed spectrum, we have been proactive in working toward a solution to the GPS issue," Ahuja said in the letter. "We are making a $150 million private investment in the solution for GPS. We have moved our spectrum farther away from the core GPS frequencies and at the request of the FCC, we set up, funded, and ran the largest and most comprehensive testing program this country has ever seen." Despite the company's claims to have developed a solution for interference with precision GPS receivers, both the FCC and National Telecommunications and Information Administration have called for more tests of LightSquared's network, throwing into doubt if or when the company will be able to launch service. Release