'Limbo' tops list of best new iOS, Android apps in July

FierceMobileContent Editor Jason Ankeny every month looks at the market's most innovative and noteworthy iOS and Android apps. And every month he ranks the industry's top apps, highlighting the immersive mobile experiences that are entering app stores each day. The top slot this month goes to Limbo, which Ankeny calls "one of the most haunting and visually arresting games ever to arrive on iOS." The hero of Limbo is a nameless young boy who suddenly wakes up in a mysterious forest. The game follows the boy's search for his lost sister, a death-defying quest that forces the character to a run a gauntlet of obstacles, traps and puzzles. Limbo doesn't look like anything else in the App Store: Its color palette is limited exclusively to black, white and gray, with the characters depicted as silhouettes against Expressionist-inspired backgrounds. Find out about the rest of the best apps from July in this special report.