Live from 3GSM: Lucent, TI and more on mobile TV

Day three at 3GSM: No matter the company, they have uttered the words "mobile content" during our briefing. Here's a quick run-down of the the day's events:

Lucent launched a new router that includes base station, radio network controller (RNC) and core network router functions. The all-in-one offering aims to push intelligence out to the edge, considerably reducing costs for network operators looking to build out their 3G networks as uptake of mobile apps requires it. Lucent's John Leonard gave me an overview of the product as CTO Paul Mankiewich nodded in agreement over his cola, which by the way is much better here than in the States. Real sugar.

Texas Instruments launched a new version of its OMAP application processor-OMAP 3 builds on its predecessor by increasing the consumer electronics quality of handsets' rendering capabilities to levels close to HD-DVD. TI said it sees huge potential for the processor in the enterprise as well.

I met with the recently formed Mobile Digital TV Alliance this morning to discuss the mobile industry's push for the DVB-H format, which is especially prevalent here in Europe. The mDTV reminded me they were a six member organization--one member is as yet unannounced. However, when they are, keep in mind they were a founding member. Why so shy? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

QUALCOMM's Omar Javaid leads the company's MediaFLO business efforts and met with me following the mDTV meeting. Omar said the shakeout over this standards war is going to be "ruthless," and given the stakes, it's understandable. One problem both sides are struggling with (especially in Europe) is spectrum and no amount of trials will help overcome that. Spectrum is vendor neutral, so let the market decide.

In the M&A slot today: As reported these past few days, VeriSign confirmed that it nabbed SMS voting company 3United for a surprising €55 million. The company says 3United brings a wealth of carrier relationships that complement their own nicely.

Well onto parties hosted by QUALCOMM, iHollywood Forum and others tonight--if someone has a plan for getting me into the Nokia party, give a shout-out.

CORRECTION: Roundbox didn't launch mobile content apps this week, they just showed me a few ideas they were tinkering with. Sorry for the confusion. - Brian