LTE's most powerful club against WiMAX: TD-LTE

Monica PaoliniThe traditional market dynamics between WiMAX and LTE have been disrupted by TD-LTE, argues consultant Monica Paolini. With TD-LTE, LTE swings from being the dominant next-generation mobile technology to almost being disruptive, since TD-LTE uses TDD unpaired spectrum channels that combine uplink and downlink, and splits resources on the basis of real-time demand. Very little will change in the near-term, but it seems that with TD-LTE, carriers may finally have a way to use TDD spectrum and benefit from it. Commentary. And in a somewhat related development, Clearwire has joined a group of operators and vendors urging standards bodies to develop specifications that would allow TD-LTE to work on the 2.6 GHz band in the United States. Article

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