M:Metrics: 3G drives content consumption

M:Metrics' latest monthly Benchmark Survey shows that 3G customers are twice more likely to consume mobile content such as games, news and information, photo messaging and search. With more than 26.4 percent of subscribers using a 3G handset, Italy is the leading market for 3G services among the geographies M:Metrics measures. The U.K. placed second with 15.2 percent of British mobile subscribers owning a 3G handset, followed by Spain with 13.8 percent penetration, Germany at 10.4 percent, France at 9.8 percent and the United States at 9.6 percent. Across all geographies, males aged 18-24 have the highest incidence of 3G network usage.

For more about M:Metrics' survey and more in-depth stats:
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