Martin tries to scale back open access provisions

According to a report from RCRNews, FCC chairman Kevin Martin is "aggressively" trying to repeal the open access requirements that the FCC imposed on the C-Block of spectrum in the upcoming 700 MHz auction. The chairman wants to repeal the provision even ahead of the upcoming review of all the other complaints about the auction rules. Verizon Wireless recently filed a lawsuit against the FCC to get the open access requirements thrown out. As the rule stands, the winner of the C-Block of spectrum must allow any device onto its network and must not block any application either--so long as such devices and applications do not harm the network.

Verizon told the FCC in a meeting last week that the open access provisions would "force C-block licensees to allow any and all lawful applications to be downloaded to any devices that licensees provide, including devices that are not configured to accommodate any and all lawful applications."

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