Meet the rising stars of wireless

Sue Marek
Building and maintaining a competitive edge in today's wireless industry is not an easy task. As any savvy leader knows, you have to constantly fight to stay ahead of the competition and make your company stand apart from the rest. This philosophy applies across the board--whether you are developing innovative products, heading up a new business unit or making the underlying network technology run smoothly and efficiently so there are no embarrassing hiccups to explain.   

We considered all of these factors and more when we selected this list of the 2011 Rising Stars of Wireless. These are the talented people who we think are worth watching in the coming year. 

Clearly, there are many wireless executives in the U.S. doing great things. But we think the decisions and choices that these seven people will make in the coming year will have a long-lasting impact on the companies where they work as well as on the entire wireless industry.

These are the people we think will play a critical role in wireless in the coming year. Will they rise to the top? --Sue

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