Metric: Mobile gaming is gender neutral, game genres are not

According to a new study by the U30 Group and commissioned by gaming company Sorrent, mobile gaming is neutral in terms of gender. The survey found that of those who use mobile games, 66 percent of men and 68 percent of women play at least once a day. More than 34 percent of both men and women play games more than three times per day. Men are more likely to play mobile games at work -- 37 percent compared to 31 percent. More than 60 percent of both men and women play for more than 10 minutes at a time.

In terms of title preference, men prefer sports games (41 percent to 20 percent ) and action/adventure (39 percent to 26 percent), while women like classic games (40 percent to 33 percent ) and puzzle games (64 percent to 55 percent). U30 conducted 754 Web-based surveys profiling the mobile consumer population in the US. Respondents were evenly split across men and women and ranged in age between 10- to 35-years-old. Sorrent is a member of the 2003 FierceWireless Fierce 15.

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