Metrico kickstarts device intelligence program

LAS VEGAS--Metrico Wireless, which has made a name for itself as an objective, pre-launch device tester for carriers and handset makers, is jumping into the business of evaluating gadgets once they've actually been released.

The company's new program, called Metrico Mobile Experience, will be similar in many respects to its pre-launch program, called Fit4Launch. Metrico currently uses a series of field tests and simulated lab tests to objectively analyze handset performance and compare results against baseline performance metrics. Specifically, the firm's test procedures measure a handset's listening quality, radio-audio response, call retention, call establishment and packet-data throughput.

The new initiative will use that same methodology and will evaluate every smartphone and popular feature phone that the Tier 1 U.S. carriers release each month. The company, which was a FierceWireless Fierce 15 winner in 2007, will then produce monthly reports on the testing.

Rich McNally, vice president of information products at Metrico, told FierceWireless the focus is on "customers who are interested in competitive insight." The service is aimed at carriers, handset OEMS and enterprises interested in buying devices for their workers, a market segment McNally said he is very interested in tapping into. McNally said the offering will remain on a business-to-business level, but that the reports will be aimed less at engineers and more at marketing departments.

"One of the strengths of our position is we are unbiased," he said. "We don't have an interest in any party looking good or bad."

McNally said the company hopes to release its first reports in the third quarter. Customers will have to purchase a yearly subscription to get the reports, and can pay extra to get more detailed reports on device performance. He also said Metrico is considering testing LTE and WiMAX services.

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