MetroPCS launches LTE in Tampa; Leap pushes Muve Music into new markets

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@FierceWireless: RT @engadgetmobile: Google working on a face recognition app that leads to personal info, what could possibly go wrong? ArticleFollow @FierceWireless

> The IEEE approved the next WiMAX standard. Article

> Nokia released the latest version of Symbian's source code. Post

> MetroPCS launched LTE service in Tampa, Fla., the carrier's final LTE market. Release

> Boy Genius Report posted pictures of what it said is the new BlackBerry Touch. Article

> The FCC published new details on a Motorola iDEN phone. Article

> Leap Wireless' Cricket launched its Muve Music in new markets. Release

> RBC cut its price target on Motorola. Article

Mobile Content News

> Ingenico and ViVOtech are vying to acquire the U.S. assets of electronic payments provider Hypercom Corp. Article

> is reportedly targeting the booming mobile payments sector as its next step into the digital services realm. Article

> Facebook introduced a new mobile website promising to optimize the social networking experience regardless of device model. Article

And finally... Special April Fools' Edition:
- PhoneScoop's homepage
- Qualcomm's Way of the Dragon Retreat
iPad 2 used as plates in Apple-themed restaurant
- Spotify closing European operations to fund U.S. launch
- The Apple Store Playmobil Set
- Gmail Motion
- YouTube's Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911
- Richard Branson buys Pluto, reinstates it as planet
- Star Wars Lightsaber popsicle

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