Microsoft plans WinMo changes; Consumer groups target mobile advertisers

> Microsoft plans on upgrading its Windows Mobile software sometime in the near future, perhaps next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and will look to limit the number of devices running on the OS. Article

> Consumer groups, worried about privacy concerns, plan on petitioning the Federal Trade Commission to look into the mobile advertising industry, arguing that the ad firms are not disclosing the extent of the information they collect. Article

> HTC is reportedly readying a new phone based on Google's Android platform, according to a Telstra executive. Article

> The Palm Pre and webOS will not save Palm, especially if the new device is not heavily marketed and developers are not offered a place at the table. Commentary

> Intercarrier compensation reform may have to be put on the back burner in the incoming Obama administration and the new FCC, as expanded broadband and net neutrality are given more focus. Article

And finally... T-Mobile USA has decided to pull its "Fave 5" advertisement featuring former NBA star Charles Barkley in the wake of the basketball player's drunk-driving arrest on New Year's Eve. Article