Microsoft puts the heat on BlackBerry

Microsoft is trying to put the heat on RIM's BlackBerry, which dominates the mobile email space. The software company announced that three mobile operators will use its kit to introduce push email to the SME market. Vodafone, T-Mobile and Cingular are opting to use the complete solution, which is available to customers who use Windows Mobile-enabled 5.0 devices and who are connected to Exchange 2003 servers.

The advantage over other email solutions is the fact that the kit doesn't require additional middleware to connect the device and the Exchange server. That makes the solution a lot cheaper. But I suspect this market to play out like the cellular push-to-talk market where Nextel's many years of perfecting P2T services have boxed out competitors trying to launch similar services. Likewise, RIM has been in the enterprise email market for seven years and has pretty advanced and mature technology.

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