; Microsoft's Intellectual Property Licensing is ; Open for Business;

Microsoft's Intellectual Property Licensing is
Open for Business
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Does your company want to enter the billion-dollar-plus Wi-Fi marketplace? Entrepreneurial-spirited companies can license Microsoft intellectual property (IP) invented by its Networking Research Group. IP licenses are now being offered to companies capable of turning two cutting-edge Wi-Fi technologies into viable products or services in a fast-growing market.

First, RADAR, an indoor real-time location system (RTLS), can be deployed to guide people through large buildings, to keep track of unauthorized individuals in a secure environment, and to locate assets within any indoor scenario.

A cost-effective software-based system that takes advantage of existing wireless access points (APs), RADAR uses the WLAN infrastructure businesses have already built. RADAR works by employing advanced algorithms and a modeling system named LOCADIO to measure signal strength from a mobile device to within one-and-a-half meter of its location.

Second, Microsoft has just made its IP around the CHOICE Wi-Fi networking system available for licensing.

Leverage licenses to deploy CHOICE as a new wireless service or to augment an existing Wi-Fi service.

What differentiates CHOICE from other Wi-Fi solutions?
CHOICE's flexibility allows users to choose multiple Internet-service providers. CHOICE also offers user authentication, access enforcement, policy enforcement, accountability, context-specific applications, and robustness.

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