Mobile advertising still being defined

Mobile advertising is indeed all the buzz at the show, but not everybody is in agreement on exactly what that means. For instance: “Advertising will have to subsidize a lot of content if this industry is going to go anywhere in the future. It may not seem like a lot to you and me, but $2.99 is a lot for a 13-year-old, and they’re the ones who are open to advertising.” – Chris Ruff, president UIEvolution “I wouldn’t head in the direction of major price changes with mobile advertising.” – John Harrobin, VP marketing and digital media, Verizon Wireless “Everybody at this show is just absolutely mad about mobile advertising, but it’s a little early to get quite so excited about it.” – Andrew Bud, CEO, mBlox Sounds like the beginning of a lot of coverage in the next several months. - Antony