Mobile ESPN MVNO launches in India

Disney's Mobile ESPN MVNO, which recently closed shop here in the U.S., is still moving ahead with its scheduled MVNO launch in India today. India is part of the BRIC block of emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and is thus, a far cry from the saturated market here in the U.S. It seems likely that an MVNO would have a greater potential for survival in India.

Yesterday, we reported that the MVNO Amp'd Mobile would be licensing its content to Japanese carrier KDDI, which encouraged many MVNO naysayers to point to the failed Mobile ESPN MVNO and its transition to content provider as a trailblazer for Amp'd. I think that Amp'd has a little juice left yet, they just got Swenson officially onboard, so maybe they can hang in there. ESPN's announcement today shows that MVNOs can play dual roles: those of carrier and service provider.

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