Mobile search fever continues: Nokia, is launching an ad-free, search box-free mobile search service powered by Skweezer technology, which streamlines the Internet and adapts it for the mobile phone--sort of like dotMobi but without all the hassle.'s service is a departure from rivals like Google and Yahoo which depend on the ad revenue as a prime source of revenue generation. The elimination of the search box is questionable, but claims that using navigation shortcuts like directions, business listings, maps and weather reduce the frustration for mobile users. I'm guessing that typing is the primary concern.

In a separate announcement, Nokia said it has added three more local directory partners for its mobile search service: De Gule Sider in Denmark, and DasOertliche in Germany and Yellow Pages Group in Canada. Nokia also confirmed that it had acquired gate5, a provider of mapping, routing and navigation. Most expect the deal to bring GPS tie-ins to the mobile search service moving forward. The Nokia mobile search application is available on Nokia N-Series devices and also offered as a free download for select Nokia S60 devices.

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