More 3G iPhone rumors: Shiny black and haptics

A couple of new reports aim to solidify previous rumors about the 3G iPhone having a GPS chip and dropping its metallic backing. One report from Engadget cites an anonymous Apple employee as confirming that the company has replaced the shiny metalic exterior with a shiny black plastic that should improve the phone's antenna. Engadget also claims that the headphone jack will no longer be recessed, which means any pair would work with the phone. Because of the GPS and an improved battery, the 3G iPhone will also be slightly thicker than the original, too.

Another report from Palluxo (via CNET), notes that following Immersion's appointment of Clent Richardson as CEO, Apple will be adding haptic feedback to its upcoming iPhone. Richardson previously served as Apple's VP of worldwide developer relations and worldwide solutions marketing.

Gizmodo cites a report from the China-based Commercial Times, which claims Foxconn, the company that manufactures the original iPhone, is shipping 3 million 3G iPhones during the month of June. The manufacturer anticipates making some 24 million to 25 million 3G iPhones during the product's lifespan. Gizmodo speculates the low figure could indicate a 4G iPhone is on its way, too.

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