More ARPU numbers from MVNOs

In an effort to dispel rumors and predictions of an MVNO shake-out, some MVNOs are disclosing more of their financial metrics, in particularly ARPU--in the wake of the Mobile ESPN plug pulling. While Amp'd disclosed ARPU of $100 with $30 coming from data services a few months ago following a very cynical report in the WSJ, Helio has remained quiet, until now. The Earthlink-SK Telecom JV claims that its ARPU is also $100, but with $25 coming from data services.  While Amp'd has disclosed subscriber number in the past (nearly 50,000 in September), Helio has been less forthcoming. An ARPU rate of $100 is impressive, I suppose, but if you only have a few thousand subscribers it's still small potatoes. The average APRU rate for the big carriers is about $50.

Helio's founder Sky Dayton, never one to mince words, had this to say about the fall of Mobile ESPN: "They basically pinned their hopes on one application and said people will suffer sub par devices and sub par pricing just to get" ESPN content on a phone.

For more on MVNO's ARPU figures:
- see this article from the AP

ALSO: Learn more about Helio's plans for increasing ARPU by using wVoIP at FierceMarkets' second annual wVoIP Executive Summit. Site

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