More notes from Chernin's keynote

"We have not done enough to make consumers want our product up until this point," Chernin said about mobile entertainment. He then outlined a number of steps to remedy the problem and better capitalize on what he says is one of the greatest media platforms ever: 1. Create an engaging mobile experience. Take bold steps. "This is not a one size fits all phenomenon. We need to be thinking about who our customer is. The most important thing for us to remember is that mobile needs to be its own medium. The biggest mistake is to use mobile as a sales channel for repurposed content." 2. Make the experience more user friendly. "It's a joke trying to find mobile content today. It's anything but consumer friendly." 3. Find business models that work. We need simple, easy-to-communicate models, similar to the movie industry, which allows consumers to view movies in multiple formats for a variety of prices. 4. We need tech standards. Content quality varies from handset to handset--particularly applicable to mobile video--and that's a problem for content creators. 5. Market much more imaginatively. "Today's marketing only communicates that it's available, but does not entice. (It's) confusing, cheesy and often just bad." 6. Bring advertisers to the mobile platform. 7. Never stop experimenting. "We only learn to build new business by trying everything, no matter how unorthodox... We must banish the word failure from our vocabulary and be willing to take a risk and trust our guts." - Antony