Moto's new CMO tries to keep RAZR fresh

Motorola's new CMO, Kenneth Keller is making the rounds today with an interview with both the Wall Street Journal and Ad Age. Keller backs up the company's strategy to continue to leverage the RAZR brand, but wonders how to keep it fresh:

"To me the Razr name is incredibly valuable. It's not a fad. It's not fleeting. It's something that's more enduring," Keller told the WSJ. "There were over 100 million people who bought RAZR in the last three years. We have an incredible amount of brand awareness and recognition. The challenge to me is to keep the Razr products fresh, consistent with the identity, image we created."

Keller also answered a question from Ad Age about Nokia's strategy, and whether Motorola was looking to morph into a media, ad-selling company as well:

"In the U.S. our operator-carrier partners have been trying to develop their own services and their own experiences," Keller said. "We work closely with them to make sure we can enable those experiences on the devices."

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